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Welcome to apply for and use the UGC advertising revenue dividing service (“Service”) provided by 1Verge Information technology(Beijing) Co., Ltd. (“Youku”) and its affiliates..


This Agreement is made and agreed as of 【System Date】 (the “Effective Date”)

合一信息技术(北京)有限公司, 一家中国公司,地址位于北京市海淀区海淀大街8号中钢国际广场5层。(以下简称:Youku)

1Verge Information technology(Beijing) Co., Ltd., a Chinese corporation with offices at 5th Floor, Sinosteel Plaza, 8 Haidian Street, Haidian District, (“Youku”)




[Important] Please read below terms carefully. If the user does not agree to any or all of the terms, please do not apply for or use the Service. By entering the application procedure and clicking “I agree to the Agreement” the user will be bound by the Agreement with Youku and voluntarily accept all the terms of this Agreement. Thereafter, the user shall not in any way, directly or indirectly, breach the Agreement on the ground that the user is not aware of the terms of this Agreement. Youku has the right and make adjustments to this agreement and make a notice about that, but without further notice to the user solely. The user have the obligation that to prompt attend the adjustment clause and update to this agreement.

1. 服务条款的确认和接纳【Confirmation and acceptance of the terms of the Agreement】



The ownership of the internet service supporting the Service and its related intellectual property rights shall be vested in Youku and protected by PRC laws and international conventions. The effect of the terms here within shall also encompass all internet services provided by Youku. The user is bound to these terms when using the Service. When using any single service provided by Youku, the user will be deemed as having accepted the related terms and notices issued by Youku with regard to that service.

2. 服务条款的修改【Amendment of the terms】


Youku has the right to amend any and all terms of this Agreement and other related terms with regard to a single service by reasonable means such as announcement on its official website. The user is responsible for checking the amendments in a timely manner. If the user continues to use the Service, the use shall be deemed as acceptance of the amendments by the user, otherwise the user shall stop using the Service at its own discretion.

3. 服务的变更或中止【Change or suspension of the Service】


The user acknowledges and agrees that Youku at any time has the right to change or suspend the Service without notifying the user in advance and will not be held liable by the user or any third party.

4. Youku视频创收平台服务说明 【Explanation of the Advertisement Revenue Sharing Service】

The user acknowledges and agrees that below services will be provided pursuant to this Agreement:

  • • 视频上传分享服务【Upload and sharing videos service】


    The user may, on the condition of complying with PRC laws and regulations and the terms hereunder, upload video content which meets the technical requirements of the Service through Youku.com or through the Service.

  • • 获得Youku视频创收平台服务的广告分成收入【Obtain the AD revenue dividend:】


    Revenue AD dividend from the Service shall mean the net advertising income from all the advertisements that Youku put on the audios/videos that the user uploaded.

  • • 获得Youku视频创收平台服务的赞助分成收入【Obtain the support revenue dividend:】


    Revenue support dividend from the Service shall mean the net support income from end-user that Youku put on the audios/videos that the user uploaded.

5. 使用者使用Youku视频创收平台服务应遵守的规则【Service rules to be observed by user】


The user acknowledges and agrees that below rules will be followed when using the Service:

(1) 使用者承诺通过Youku视频创收平台服务向Youku.com所上传和发布的音视频内容符合国家法律法规规定,不得以任何形式涉及以下禁止性的内容:

The audios/videos uploaded through Service to Youku.com shall be in compliance with PRC laws and regulations and shall not in any way involve any of below listed prohibited elements:

  • • 违反宪法确定的基本原则的;【Opposes the cardinal principles determined in the Constitution;】
  • • 危害国家安全,泄露国家秘密,颠覆国家政权,破坏国家统一的;【Compromises State security, divulges State secrets, subverts State power, or undermines the unity of the nation;】
  • • 损害国家荣誉和利益的;【Damages the honor and interests of the nation;】
  • • 煽动民族仇恨、民族歧视,破坏民族团结的;【Incites ethnic hatred or racial discrimination or undermines national solidarity;】
  • • 破坏国家宗教政策,宣扬邪教和封建迷信的;【Sabotages the religious policies of the State, propagates heresies or superstition;】
  • • 散布谣言,扰乱社会秩序,破坏社会稳定的;【Disseminates rumors, disrupts social order or undermines social stability;】
  • • 散布淫秽、色情、赌博、暴力、恐怖或者教唆犯罪的;【Disseminates obscenity, pornography, gambling, violence, murder, horror or instigates others to crime;】
  • • 侮辱或者诽谤他人,侵害他人合法权益的;【Infringes others' legitimate rights and interests by insulting or slandering others;】
  • • 煽动非法集会、结社、游行、示威、聚众扰乱社会秩序的;【Instigates others to hold any assembly, to form any association, to parade or demonstrate in unlawful ways, or to disturb the public order by gathering a crowd;】
  • • 以非法民间组织名义活动的;【Carries out activities in the name of an illegal non-governmental organization; or】
  • • 含有法律、行政法规禁止的其他内容的。【Is otherwise prohibited in the laws and administrative regulations.】

(2) 使用者承诺,对于通过Youku视频创收平台服务向Youku.com所上传和发布,并参与广告分成收入的音视频内容不带有任何明显的广告内容,其展现方式包括但不限于:广告插播、广告植入、带有明示或暗示等的引导性广告成分或内容等。

The user promised that the audios/videos be uploaded through Service to Youku.com and take part in AD revenue dividend shall not contain any obvious advertising elements, of which the presentation includes but not limited to ad insertion, ad placement, containing express or implied ad tendency or contents.

(3) 使用者承诺并同意,对于其通过Youku视频创收平台服务向Youku.com所上传和发布的音视频内容,在基于法定原因、或因Youku受到本协议以外第三方提出的权利主张、或因Youku基于商业运营要求时,使用者有义务Youku提供音视频内容之原始授权文件、转授权的文件等相关证明等。同时,使用者有义务在Youku业务需求,向Youku提供授权音视频内容的作者之相关资质证明等相关配合性工作。

The user shall provide Youku with the ownership documents, authorization letters from the owner or any other supporting documents if the rights of the audios/videos the user uploaded through Service to Youku.com are challenged by third parties, or out of legal requirements, or out of business needs from Youku. Further, the user shall provide Youku with the owner’s relevant certification and qualification and other supporting documents pursuant to Youku’s business needs.

(4) 使用者可以自主决定通过Youku视频创收平台服务向Youku.com上传和发布的音视频内容的时间、周期或步骤。

The user can decide the time, period and steps of uploading the audio/video.

(5) 使用者同意Youku自主决定音视频内容的广告招商和投放(包括但不限于:投放形式、时长等),并有权对前述广告投放产生的收益进行分成。

Youku can decide the ads put on the audio/video, including but not limited to its format and period, and Youku is entitled to receive revenue dividend from such ads.

(6) 使用者不得以任何方式干扰Youku的服务。而且,不得随意滥用Youku视频创收平台服务,包括但不限于:利用Youku.com或者利用Youku视频创收平台服务进行侵害他人知识产权或者合法利益的其他行为。

The user shall not interfere with the Service provided by Youku, nor infringe other parties’ intellectual property rights or any other lawful rights through the Service.

(7) 使用者应遵守Youku的所有其他规定和程序。

The user agrees to abide all other rules and procedures of Youku which are referred to in this Agreement and are annexed hereto.

(8) 使用者对经由Youku.com或者利用Youku视频创收平台服务进行上载的内容承担全部责任,并同意Youku有权在出现下述情况时,对使用者信息,使用Youku视频创收平台服务的情况向国家法定机关进行必要的披露。:

The user shall be fully responsible for the audios/videos uploaded and entitle Youku to disclose the user’s information and this Agreement to the government authorities if any of below circumstances arises:

  • • 国家法律法规之规定;【required by PRC laws and regulations;】
  • • 本服务协议之约定;【required by this Agreement;】
  • • 被侵害的第三人提出权利主张;【third parties raise infringement claims;】
  • • 为保护Youku、其使用者及社会公众的权利、财产或人身安全。【for protecting the rights, property and safety of Youku, its users and the public;】
  • • 其他Youku认为有必要的情况。【other circumstances deemed fit by Youku.】

(9) 对于使用者经由Youku.com或者利用Youku视频创收平台服务传送的内容,Youku不保证前述其合法性、正当性、准确性、完整性或品质。在任何情况下,Youku均不对任何内容承担任何责任,包括但不限于:任何内容发生任何错误或纰漏以及衍生的任何损失或损害。

Under no circumstances is Youku responsible for the audios/videos uploaded by the user.

(10) Youku有权自行拒绝或删除经由Youku.com所提供的任何音视频内容,但前述权利并不意味着构成任何明示或默示之义务。

Youku has the right to reject or delete any audios/videos uploaded via Youku.com. Such rights shall not be interpreted as any express or implied obligation.

6. 关于使用者使用Youku视频创收平台服务上传视频的行为意思表示【Expression of intent】


By uploading the videos through Service, the user acknowledges and agrees:

  • •接受本协议项下对其自行为及所上传的视频内容之约束;【To be bound by this Agreement】
  • •就视频内容的合法性,根据本协议向Youku作出明确的概括保证;【To make express guarantee to Youku on the legitimacy of the videos uploaded】
  • •就视频内容的权利完整性,根据本协议向Youku作出明确的概括保证;【To make express guarantee to Youku on the complete rights of the video】
  • •以独家授权(须通过书面方式确认)或非独家委托(本协议项下的默认状态)的方式,允许Youku对视频内容进行分发、传播或自主使用。【As exclusive license ( to be confirmed by written form ) or non-exclusive ( The default state under this Agreement ) entrust to entitle Youku the right of dissemination via information network, so that both the user and Youku can disseminate the video or sub-authorize.】

7. 财务与税务【Finance and Tax】

(1) 使用者知悉并同意,使用者有义务确保定期(不少于90天)登记使用者账号不少于二(2)次,以确保使用者账号及该账号所上传的音视频内容之持续活跃性。如果使用者无法确保前述之活跃性,Youku有权直接冻结该账号项下于本协议项下产生的费用支付结算,直至使用者重新登陆后解除。冻结期间产生的费用,Youku有权不予结算。

The user acknowledges and agrees that, user have the obligation to ensure regular (not less than 90 days) of not less than two registered user accounts (2)times, to ensure that the user’s account states and the relevant the upload audio/video content continued activity. If the user’s account state cannot ensure the activity, Youku has the right to out of the settlement about the account under this agreement directly till to the user re-login the account and let it be activity. Frozen during the resulting costs, Youku has the right out of settlement.

(2) 使用者知悉并同意,Youku可以根据以下的安排处理与使用者之间就广告收益之结算分成:

The user acknowledges and agrees that, Youku will calculate the revenue according to below methods:

  • •结算统计周期:每个自然月【Billing period: every calendar month】
  • •结算统计依据:以Youku的结算统计后台所提供之数据为准。【Statistical basis: based on statistical data provided by Youku’s backed system】
  • •结算的前置条件:当使用者的应结算费用多于人民币¥100.00元整(大写:壹佰圆整)。【Pre-condition: the revenue dividend of the Service is more than RMB 100 yuan】
  • •获得的收益比例:在常规的状态下:使用者获得的广告分成收入比例为:30%,赞助分成收入比例为:70%,但实际以使用者登陆系统后台所见之比例为准。【Income rate: Under the general state: the users can obtain the AD revenue dividend as: 30% and obtain the support revenue dividend as: 70%, But the rate of the actual shall be according to the user administration system shall prevail.】
  • •结算流程:【Settlement process:】



Within 20 days after one billing period, Youku will send the statistical results of that billing period to the user. If the user disagrees on the statistical results, it should be in five (5) working days to contact with Youku, otherwise regarded the user not dissent. Therefore, Youku have the final interpretive right for the statistical results. If the user is a legal entity, it shall issue invoice to Youku within 10 days before the payment is made by Youku, otherwise Youku has the right to withhold the payment without being held liable.

(3) 使用者知悉并同意,其所获得的收益分成(包括:广告分成和赞助分成)将遵循以下的税务安排:

The user acknowledges and agrees that, the obtained revenue dividend (Including AD dividend and support dividend) will follow this tax arrangements.



If the user is a legal entity duly incorporated and existing under PRC law, both parties shall respectively pay its own taxes arising from the performance of this Agreement. Or, if the user is a natural person or Foreign legal entity or natural person, Youku has the right to pay personal income tax or any relevant tax ( including without limitation, Enterprise income tax, value-added tax, business tax) on behalf of the user pursuant to the relevant tax law of the People’s Republic of China.

8. 使用者使用Youku视频创收平台服务上传视频的质量评价与处理【Quality review】


The user acknowledges and agrees that Youku has the right to issue warnings to the user and deduct the relevant advertising revenue dividend if any of below circumstance arises:

  • •向Youku平台上传具有版权争议的音视频内容;或【The user uploads copyright-disputed audios/videos to Youku platform ; or】
  • •直接或间接地通过技术手段对音视频内容的广告播放量进行恶意刷量;或【The user maliciously uses technical measures to increase the hitting rate of the relevant ad; or】
  • •对所上传的音视频内容包含有明显的广告题材,或其广告内容占比过重。【The audios/videos contains obvious advertising elements】


If above circumstance arises accumulatively more than 3 times, Youku has the right to deprive the user of the rights to use this service and shall not be held liable While retaining the right to use the audios/videos be uploaded through Service to Youku.com directly..

9. 使用者行为与管理【User behavior and management】

(1) 使用者账号、密码和安全【User account, password and safety】


使用者的密码和账号遭到未授权的使用或发生其他任何安全问题,使用者可以立即通知Youku,并且使用者在每次连线结束,应结束账号使用,否则使用者可能得不到Youku的安全保护。 对于使用者长时间未使用的账号,Youku有权予以关闭。

Once successfully registered, the user will be the legitimate user of Youku and will receive an account and a password. The user is responsible for the safety of the account and all the activities under such account. If there is any unauthorized use of the account or safety hazard, the user may immediately notify Youku. The user shall exit the account after each use. Youku has the right to close an account which hasn’t been active for a long time.

(2) 使用者应遵守以下法律及法规【The user shall comply with relevant PRC laws and regulations.】


Youku has the right to stop providing Service to the user at any time without prior notice if Youku reasonably believes that the user is in violation of relevant laws and regulations.

10. 使用者隐私制度【Privacy Policy】

(1) 使用者知悉并同意,基于将来能面向所有使用Youku所提供的服务之公众使用者提供更好的服务目的,Youku将会在使用者自愿选择任一服务或者提供使用者信息之前提下收集使用者之个人信息,并将这些信息进行整合处理。当使用者使用Youku视频创收平台服务时,Youku的网络服务器会自动记录一些信息,包括但不限于:URL、IP地址、浏览器类型、使用语言、访问日期和时间等等。

Youku will collect and integrate the personal information of the user once the user voluntarily chooses any single service or provide his own information. When the user is using the Service, Youku will automatically record information including but not limited to URL, IP address, browser type, language, visit dates and times etc.

(2) 为了方便使用者登录或使用Youku的服务,Youku在认为有需要时将使用cookies等技术,并将收集到的信息发送到对应的网络服务器。但是,使用者有权自主选择接受或者拒绝cookies。如果使用者选择拒绝cookies,则使用者有可能无法登陆或使用依赖于cookies的服务或者功能。Youku所收集的使用者信息将成为Youku常规商业档案的一部分,且有可能因为转让、合并、收购、重组等原因而被转移到Youku的关联公司或继任公司或者其指定的任何一方。Youku同意善意使用收集的使用者信息,且采取必要的保密措施来确保使用者信息的安全。

Youku has the right to use cookies when it deems necessary. However, the user can choose to accept or reject cookies. If the user rejects cookies, the relevant services dependant on cookies will not be available to the user. The information Youku collected will consist part of the commercial files of Youku and may be transferred to another party due to merge, transfer, acquisition, reorganization or other reasons. Youku agrees to use the information in good faith and take necessary security measures to ensure the safety of the user information.

(3) Youku承认,尊重使用者个人隐私是Youku的一项基本政策。所以,Youku不会公开或透露使用者的注册资料及保存在各项Youku视频创收平台服务中的非公开内容,除非Youku在基于诚信的基础上认为透露这些信息在以下几种情况是必要的:

Youku will not disclose or make public the user’s registration information and non-public contents stored in the Service unless in the below situations:

  • •遵守有关法律规定,包括在国家有关机关查询时,提供使用者的注册信息、使用者在Youku的网页上发布的信息内容及其发布时间、互联网地址或者域名。【Required by government authorities pursuant to relevant laws and regulations to provide the registration information, released contents, time of release, IP address or domain names.】
  • •保持维护Youku的知识产权和其他重要权利。【For protecting Youku’s intellectual property rights and other important rights.】
  • •在紧急情况下竭力维护使用者个人和社会大众的隐私安全。【For maintaining the safety of the privacy of the user and the public in urgent circumstances.】
  • •根据本条款相关规定或者Youku认为必要的其他情况下。【Other circumstances Youku deems fit or pursuant to this Agreement.】

11. 关于第三方链接 【Third party links】


The Service may be linked to other international websites or resources. Youku is not responsible for the availability of such international websites or resources; or for the damages and losses occurred due to the use or reliance of such international websites or resources.

12. 使用者的账号、密码和安全性【User account, password and safety】


Once successfully registered to the Service, the user will receive an account and a password. The user is responsible for the safety of the account and all the activities under the account. The user may change the password and logo at any time, or close an old account and open a new one without harming the lawful rights of Youku. The user shall immediately inform Youku in case of illegal use of the account or safety loophole.

13. 拒绝提供担保和免责声明【Refusal of guarantee and disclaimer】

(1) 使用者明确同意使用Youku视频创收平台服务的风险由使用者个人承担。Youku的服务均以“现有”的状态提供给使用者,Youku明确表示不提供任何类型的担保,而不论是明确的或隐含的。此外,Youku不担保Youku视频创收平台服务一定能满足使用者的要求,也不担保Youku视频创收平台服务不会受中断,Youku对服务的及时性、安全性、真实性、出错发生都不作担保。同时,Youku拒绝提供任何担保,包括信息能否准确、及时、顺利地传送。使用者理解并接受下载或通过Youku视频创收平台服务取得的任何信息资料取决于使用者自己,并由其承担系统受损、资料丢失以及其它任何风险。此外,Youku对于在Youku视频创收平台服务上得到的任何商品购物服务、交易进程、招聘信息,都不作担保。使用者不会从Youku收到口头或书面的意见或信息,Youku也不会在这里作明确担保。

The user agrees to bear all risks in the Service. Youku provides the Service to the user as it is and does not provide for any guarantees whether express or implied. Youku does not guarantee that the advertising revenue dividend will meet the user’s expectation, nor guarantees the safety, authenticity, continuity or correctness of the Service. Youku refuses to guarantee the accurate, timely and successful transmit of information. The user agrees that it is up to the user to download or obtain any information via Service and shall bear all risks such as system damage, data loss etc. In addition, Youku does not provide guarantee for any sales of commodity, transaction process, and recruitment information in the Service. The user will not receive any oral or written opinion or information from Youku.

(2) Youku不对使用者所发布信息的删除或储存失败承担责任。Youku有权判断使用者的行为是否符合本协议项下条款之规定,如果Youku认为使用者违背了协议条款的规定,Youku有终止向其提供Youku视频创收平台服务的权利。

Youku is not responsible for deleting or user’s failure to store the information released by the user. If Youku considers that the user violates any of the terms herewithin, Youku has the right to stop providing Service to the user.

(3) 由于使用者经由Youku.com或者利用Youku视频创收平台服务上载或发布内容、与Youku.com连线、违反本协议项下条款或侵害其他人的任何权利导致任何第三人提出权利主张,使用者同意赔偿由此而导致Youku的一切损失。

The user agrees to compensate Youku for all losses occurred arising out of any breach of Agreement by the user or infringement claims by third parties against the contents released by the user via Youku.com, or Service, or any links to Youku.com.

14. 免责条款【Disclaimer】


Youku does not guarantee the authenticity, accuracy and completeness of any other person’s information, contents or advertisements obtained from Youku.com or through Service. Youku is not responsible for any direct or indirect losses arising from any indirect transactions and/or activities through Youku.com or the Service.


Youku may modify and amend any mistakes or loopholes on the website but such right shall not be deemed as obligation.

使用者使用经由Youku.com或者利用Youku视频创收平台服务下载的或取得的任何内容,其风险应自行负担;因前述使用而导致使用者电脑系统损坏或资料流失,使用者应自行承担完全责任; 基于以下原因而造成的利润、商业信誉、资料损失或其他有形或无形损失,Youku不承担任何直接、间接、附带、衍生或惩罚性的赔偿:

The user agrees to bear all risks such as system damage or data loss due to the download or obtaining of any information via Youku.com or Service. Under below circumstances Youku is not responsible for any compensation to the user’s loss of profits, commercial credits, materials or any other tangible or non-tangible losses:

  • •Youku.com或者利用Youku视频创收平台服务无法使用;【Youku.com or Service is not available;】
  • •经由Youku.com或者利用Youku视频创收平台服务购买或取得的任何产品、资料或服务;【Any purchase or obtaining of any products, materials or services through Youku.com or Service;】
  • •使用者资料因非Youku原因而遭到未授权的使用或修改;【The user’s materials are used or modified without authorization due to reasons not attributed to Youku.】
  • •使用者在浏览互联网时应自行判断使用Youku.com或者利用Youku视频创收平台服务的搜索或检索目录。所述搜索或检索目录可能会引导使用者进入到被认为具有攻击性或不适当的网站,Youku没有义务或确认使用者所查看检索目录所列网站之内容,因此,对其正确性、合法性、正当性不负任何责任。【The user shall at its own discretion use Youku.com or the search function or search contents under the Service. Such search function or search contents may lead the user to inappropriate or offensive websites. Youku has no obligation to review the contents of such websites and therefore not responsible for the accuracy, legitimacy or properness of the websites.】

15. 禁止Youku视频创收平台服务的商业化【No commercializing the Service】


Without Youku’s written authorization, the user shall not use the Service for any sales or other commercial use.

16. 保障【Protection】

(1) 使用者同意保障和维护Youku的利益,负责支付由使用者使用超出服务范围引起的律师费用,违反服务条款的损害补偿费用,其它人使用使用者的电脑、账号而产生的费用。使用者或者使用使用者账号的其他人在进行游戏过程中侵犯第三方知识产权及其他权利而导致被侵权人索赔的,由使用者承担责任。

The user shall bear all the attorney fees caused by the user’s use of service beyond service scope, compensation fees for user’s violating the service terms, and other fees arising from the infringement claims from the use of the user’s computer and account by user or any other personnel. The user shall be responsible for settling the infringement claims raised by third parties against the user or any other personnel under user’s account during the course of games.

(2) 如果使用者或其它网络服务提供者利用Youku的服务侵害他人民事权益的,应当承担侵权等法律责任。

The user or other internet service providers shall bear the legal consequences if they use Youku service to infringe the civil rights of other parties.

(3) 如果使用者利用Youku的服务实施侵权行为的,被侵权人有权通知Youku采取删除、屏蔽、断开链接等必要措施。Youku接到通知后,因自身过错若未及时采取必要措施的,按法律规定承担责任。

If the user uses Youku service to infringe the lawful rights of other parties, the relevant party has the right to notify Youku to delete, screen, break the links or adapt other necessary measures. Youku shall bear legal consequences if it fails to do so after receiving the notice due to its own reason.

(4) 如果Youku明知使用者利用其网络服务侵害他人民事权益,未在本服务条款约定的范围内采取必要措施的,按法律规定承担责任。

If Youku is aware of the infringement and fails to take necessary measures pursuant to this Agreement, Youku shall bear legal consequences according to the relevant laws and regulations.

17. 结束服务【Termination of the Service】

(1) 使用者或Youku可随时根据实际情况终止使用或提供Youku视频创收平台服务。具体地,Youku有权单方不经通知终止向使用者提供某一项或多项服务;而使用者亦有权单方不经通知单方终止接受或使用Youku的服务。

The user or Youku may at its own discretion and at any time terminate the Service. Particularly, Youku has the right to terminate one or several services without notifying the user; the user may also reject or terminate the service provided by Youku without notifying Youku.

(2) 自Youku结束Youku视频创收平台服务后,使用者使用Youku视频创收平台服务的权利立即终止。与此同时,Youku不再基于Youku视频创收平台服务而产生对使用者任何义务。

Once Youku terminates the Service, the user will immediately stop receiving the Service.

(3) 使用者知道并同意,服务变更、中止与结束属于Youku商业决策之内容。使用者不得因Youku视频创收平台服务的变更、中止或者结束而要求Youku继续提供服务或者承担任何形式的赔偿责任。

The user is not entitled to require Youku to continue to provide Service or provide compensation for the change, suspension or termination of the Service.

(4) 如果使用者账号在12个月内被持续冻结,或被冻结超过2次,则Youku有权视使用者自动终止Youku视频创收平台服务。Youku有权注销该使用者账号且不对使用者账号产生的费用履行结算支付义务,但对于该使用者所上传的音视频内容,Youku仍然保留分发、传播或自主使用的权利。

If the user’s account was continued in the 12 months frozen or frozen more than 2 times, then Youku has the right to terminate the service automatically. Youku reserves the right to terminate the user’s account and user account does not produce cost settlement payment obligations. But for audio/video content be uploaded by the user, Youku still retains distribution, dissemination or self-use rights.

18. 通知【Notice】


All notice to the user may be sent via emails, mails or announcement on a noticeable area on the Youku.com website. Youku reserves the right to send commercial advertisements to its Service users.

19. Youku的知识产权及其他权利【Youku’s intellectual property rights and other rights】

(1) Youku对Youku视频创收平台服务及Youku.com所载之内容包含的受知识产权或其他法律保护的资料享有相应的权利;除使用者依法享有之版权之内容之外,Youku视频创收平台服务及Youku.com所载之内容的完整知识产权归Youku所有。

Other than the copyrights owned by the user pursuant to the laws and regulations, all the intellectual property rights of the contents in the Servcie or on Youku.com shall be vested in Youku.

(2) 使用者对Youku.com所使用的计算机软件享有非专属性使用权,但不得自行或许可任何第三方复制、修改、出售或衍生产品。

The user enjoys the non-exclusive right to use the software on Youku.com, but the user shall not by itself or allow third party to copy, modify, sell or derivate products from the software.

(3) Youku.com内所有设计图样以及其他图样、产品及服务名称,均为Youku所享有的商标、标识。任何人不得使用、复制或用作其他用途。

All the design, logo, product and service name are trademarks and logos owned by Youku and shall not be used for any purpose or copied by any parties.

(4) Youku对其专有内容、原创内容和其他通过授权取得的独占或非独家内容享有完全知识产权。未经Youku书面许可,任何单位和个人不得私自转载、传播和提供观看服务或者有其他侵犯Youku知识产权的行为。否则,Youku将保留追究行为者法律责任之权利。

Youku has full intellectual property rights to its exclusive contents, original contents and other exclusive or non-exclusive authorized contents. Without Youku’s written consent, no party shall repost, disseminate, provide access or by other ways infringe Youku’s intellectual property rights.

20. 管辖法律与争议解决【Governing law and dispute resolution】


This agreement be concluded by Chinese, the English only for understanding. This Agreement shall be governed by PRC law, excluding all applicable conflict of laws.


The dispute shall be subject to the jurisdiction of People’s court in Haidian district, Beijing city.



This agreement for the electronic text version, it will be effects and continuously that since the user to confirm and use of services, without signing. If the user deems necessary, Youku can provide the written signature version. Therefore, the writing signature version does not affect the validity. If there is a conflict of any of the provisions of the electronic text version, should be based on the actual update prevail.